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Oct 16 1885
From Same Committee receiving petitionof S Sloane et al
praying that North 7th St be opened and extended from
Blanchard to Battery and recommending that the same be
granted when convenient. Petition returned to Committee
for a more definite report.
From Committee on Sewers returning the petition of F Wilhelm
et al for a box drain East side of 5th St between James and
Cherry Streets with recommend that the same be
report adopted
From Same Committee returning petition of Fred Gasch et
al for a sewer from Washington St sewer through
South 5th Street to Mill St with necessary branches rec-
ommending that the same be granted. Report adopted
From Same Commitee recommending the construction of
a sewer in Union Street. On motion a sewer is
ordered constructed in Union Street and the Clerk authorized
to advertise for bids for the construction of the same
in accordance with the plans and specifications to be filed.

Application for Licenses Referred

Bersch & Hink, Grubb & Johnson, JohnStifter, Wm Grose, Lunn and
, McMaster and Springer, The A P Hoteling Co., John Feigh
Thomas Clancy, Lewis Silven, John Henrich Jr, A & J Hemrich
James Murphy, Henry Kersey, A Melhorn & Co, August Wolff
Chas B Sperry, Geo C Delfel, Shaw & Alger, A Walters & Co
Frank P Herman, O P Dahlquist, Flynn and Anderson, Patrick
, Bernard Kurz, Christ and Hartig
Licenses Ordered Issued
Chas F O'Hara Retail Intox 3 months from Oct 7th 1885
Thomas and Morgan Retail Intox 3 months from Oct 11th 1885
Geo Meister Retail Intox 3 months from Oct 10th 1885

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