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DEC 9 1885

Be it remembered tht the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber this 9th day of December 1885 pursuant to adjournment: the following officers were present, to wit: His Honor the Mayor H. L. Yesler and Councilmen R. H. Calligan, J. Furth, G. W. Hall, W. A. Harrington, John Keenen, T. W. Lake, Chas McDonald, J. J. Post, and G. W. Young.

The following proceedings were had, to wit:

Petitions recieved

Petition of J. S. Anderson for permission to erect a frame
building for the storage of ice, on the west side of Front Street on the alley between Spring and Marion streets. Granted.

Petition of Geo F Smith et al praying for substantial improve-
ment of the Beach Road received and read.
On motion ordered that the Council as a Committee of the Whole examine said road Sunday next at 10 o'clock a.m.

Petition of U. F. Wilcox for permission to solicit orders
for baking powder, stove polish etc without a license. Granted.


Report of Chief of Fire Department for month of November rec'd, read and referred to Committee on Fire and Water.

Committee Reports

The Committee on License and Revenue recommending that the petition of Bailey Gatzert et al asking that Ordinance No. 290
be amended be granted and further recommending that all theatres, shows, concerts, etc exhibiting in Frye's Opera House
be not charged any more than those conducted in con-
nection with the business of retail liquor dealer, also recommending that all church entertainments, Christmas trees, or Sunday school amusements be not understood as coming under this ordinance. That all circuses be
licensed at $100 per day and side shows at the rate of $25 per day. Report adopted and the City Attorney
directed to draw and submit the necessary ordinance.

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