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Dec 9 1885
From Judiciary Committee recommending that the dat e
of delinquincy of City Taxes be postponed until March 1st
1886. Action deferred until the next regualar meeting.
From Same Committee recommending that ordinance
No 637 be amended as follows: That Sec 7 be so amended
as to omit the words "And that they have not signed in the
preceeding three months a similar bond for any person
engaged in the sale of Intoxicating liquors"
And amend Sec 8 by omitting the owners & lessors permit
therefrom. Report adopted and the City Atty
directed to draw & submit the necessary ordinance.
Ordered that the council do now adjourn
Attest W R Forrest, clerk H L Yesler, mayor
Dec 13 1885
Be it remembered that on this the 18th day of Dec, 1885
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in
its Council chamber pursuant to law. The following
officers being present viz: His Honor the Mayor H L Yesler
and Councilmen R H Calligan, J Furth, Geo W Hall, John
, T W Lake, J J Post and G W Young where the
following proceedings were had to wit:
Petitions & Communications
Petitionof Patrick Flynn et al praying that a
free soupl house be established by the City.
Referred to Committee on Health & Police
Petition of Fred Keenen asking permission to put
in a wooden partition in the building at 814
Front Street
. Referred to Committee on Fire & Water
Petition of Charles Baker asking that Depot Street
be opened from Front Street to Temperance Street

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