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Dec 13 1885
Committee Reports
From Committee of Fire & Water to whom was
referred that question of a water supply for North Seattle
reporting that the Spring Hill Water Company would
extend their pipes to Belltown provided the city would
authorize the placing of seven (7) plugs on their line
between Pike Street and Bell's Hotel and three (3) plugs
between Columbia Street and Pike Street, and recom-
mending that the City Attorney enter into a contract
with the said water co. for supplying North Seattle
with Water. adopted
From Same Committee returning the report of the Chief
of teh Fire Deptartment and recommending that the
Laundry on Mill St conducted by Hop Sing be
declared a nuisance and abated. Adopted and the
Chief of Police directed to abate the nuisance.
Application for Licenses Referred
Andreas Lunn, John Collins, S V Schnyder, Oliver Bernard,
Oscar A Kraus, Frank Wilton, E C Slorah, James P Tighe
Mark Gottstein, Patrick Flynn, M S Booth Thomas and
, Joe Francisco, E J Powers & Co, Chas B Sperry
Licenses Orderd Issued
Emil Davidson Retail Intox 3 months from Dec 13, 1885
H S Meyer Retail Intox 3 months from Dec 7, 1885
John Brannan Retail Malt 3 months from Dec 3, 1885
The Vote upon issuing said licenses being as follows to wit:
In favor of same, Calligan, Furth, Hall, Keenen, Lake, McDonald, Post and
Young against none
On motion the matter of Lincoln Street Bridge is con-
tinued until the next regular meeting with request that the
Street Commissioner then present a majority report.
On motion the matter of properly marking the site of the hulk
of the Steamer Mississippi is referred to the Com on Harbor & Wharves,

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