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Dc 13 1885
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the city having been duly audited
by the Council are ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several funds viz:
Neuman & Argens 1415 City 1.25 1 key for jail
Geo G Lyon 1416 City 7.25 Justice Fees
Benj Allen 1417 City 2.20 Witness Fees
G A Hill 1418 City 41.80 Justice Fees
L E Shaw 1419 City 5.00 Special Police Officer
T J Winscott 1420 City 12.75 Labor onCity Stable
Waddell & Miles 1421 City 3.83 Stove Pipe
Aug Melhorn 1422 City 4.00 Returned Poll Tax
Wm Clark 714 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Leper & Labrasche 715 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose
Leper & Labrasche 716 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose
Kenny & Beattie 717 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose
G Kellogg 718 Fire 75.00 Salary Chief FD
Young & McKeon 719 Fire 5.70 Supplies for Engs holo2
J W Hunter 68 Cemetary 265.00 Contract Clearing Park
J B Metcalfe 69 Cemetary 265.00 Carriage Hire of Comm
Whitworth & Thomson 70 Cemetary 265.00 Surveying Park
Post Intelligencer 71 Cemetary 265.00 Printing Ad
Edmund Carr 72 Cemetary 265.00 Lot in Seattle Cemetary
Claim of A Labrasche for $4.00 for extinguishing fire rejected
A motion of Councilman Hall It is Resolved: That it is the sense of this Council
that a road should be constructed from some point in South Seattle to the head of Elliot Bay
And on motion the City surveyor in conjunction with the Street Committee is instructed to ex-
amine and report uon the most precticable route for a road to the head of the Bay.
An ordinance is submitted by the Clerk entitled "A special ordinance appropriating money to
pay audited bills which after due consideration is passed by the following vote:
In favor of same, Calligan, Furth, Hall, Keenen, Lake, McDonald, Post & Young against none
Ordered that the Council do now afjourn
Attest: {[W R Forrest]], clerk H L Yesler, mayor

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