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728 JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE Dec 24 1885 Be it remembered that on this 24th day of Dec 1885 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to call. The following officers are present to wit:his honor the Mayor H L Yesler & Councilmen, R. H.Calligan, J. Furth, G. W. Hall, W. A. Harrington, John Keenen, T. W. Lake, Chas McDonald, J. J. Post, and G. W. Young. When the following proceedings were had viz: On motion of Councilman Keenen: Ordered that the penalty and interst on the City taxes for the present year be revisited until the 28th day of February 1886.

On Motion of Councilman Furth: Ordered that the Chief of the Fire Department be and he is hereby instructed to place a fire plug at the corner of 3rd St. and Jefferson Street. Claims Allowed The following claims having been duly audited by the Council are ordered paid by warrants drawn on the City Fund as follows:

A Paulson City Fund warrant 1423 22 75 Labor on City stable
Benj Pundt City Fund warrant 1424 10 12 Labor on City stable
Wm Alden City Fund warrant 1425 9 25 Labor on City stable
J. C. Helms City Fund warrant 1426 23 00 Labor on City stable
An Ordinance is submitted by the City Atty entitled "An Ordinance to Amend Section 11 of Ordinance No 344" which after due consideration is adopted by the following vote viz: in favor of such ordinance R. H. Calligan, G. W. Hall, W. A. Harrington, Jn Keenen, T. W. Lake, Chas McDonald, J. J. Post and G. W. Young. Against: J. Furth An Ordinance is submitted by the Clerk entitled "a special Ordinance appropriating money to pay audited bills" which is adopted by following vote. In favor of said ordinance Calligan, Furth, Hall, Harrington, Keenen, Lake, McDonald, Post, and Young. Against: None. Ordered that the Council do now adjourn. Attest W. R. Forrest City Clerk H. L. Yesler Mayor
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