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Michael Murphy 39.35 Labor on Streets
Patrick DeLaney 57.60 Labor on Streets
John Christopher 54.00 Labor on Streets
John Keenan 56.45 Labor on Streets
R L Woolery 56.25 Labor on Streets
Phillip Corchran 55.35 Labor on Streets
Thomas Rock 51.75 Labor on Streets
Daniel Moore 59.60 Labor on Streets
James Campbell 57.60 Labor on Streets
Stetson & Post Mill Co. 1217.81 Lumber for Streets
J A McBeath & Co 9.95 Blacksmithing etc
Harrington & Smith 173.70 Supplies for St Comn'r
Chas McDonald 4.75 Repairing tools
J H Carlisle 1.00 Hauling load lumber
G Kellogg & Co 1.25 Horse Medicine
Simpson & Jordan 477.40 Ofc Union St Sewer
A Chilberg 11.00 Horse feed
A W McFarlane 1.00 Hauling Lumber
Seattle Gas Light Co 402.92 Gas etc Dec
W F Glick 32.43 Care St Lamps
Stetson & Post Mill Co 3.12 Lumber for No 1 Belfry
D McDaniel 1.50 Hauling Hose Cart
G Kellogg 54.37 Coal for Engines 1 & 2
James Dunham 75.00 Salary Engineer No 2
W A Perry 75.00 Salary Engineer No 1
C H Kittinger 1.00 Acknowledgements
Mrs A W Pontius 25.00 Lot Seattle Cemetary
An ordinance is submitted by the City Attorney entitled
"An Ordinance to amend Section 7 and to repeal sections
15 & 18 of Ordinance No 637 and to repeal Ordinance no
650 which after being duly considered by the Council and
passed by the following vote: In favor of the said ordinance,
Calligan, Furth, Hall, Lake, McDonald Post and Young Against
Councilmen Harrington & Keenen having been previously excused

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