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Jan 15 1886
Be it remembered that on this 15th day of January
1886 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in
its Council Chamber pursuant to law: the following officers
being present, to wit: Hon. H. L. Yesler, Mayor and Councilmen
R. H. Calligan, J. Furth, Geo. W. Hall, W. A. Harrington, John Keenen,
T. W. Lake, Chas McDonald, J. J. Post, and G. W. Young, when
the following proceedings were had, to wit:
Petitions etc Received
Petition of E. S. Ingram et als praying that Lenora Street be vacated from the alley between Front and Second Sts
to Second Street. Read and referred to Street Committee.
Petition of Mrs. Scurry et als praying that the alley in
Block 8 of Maynard's Plat of Seattle be graded to corre-
spond to the grade of Washington Street and a suitable
drain be constructed through the alley to connect with
the sewers on Washington Street. On motion the petition
is granted and the City Attorney instructed to draw
and submit the necessary ordinance ordering such im-
Petition of Thomas Burke praying that the Union Street
sewer be extended by a branch sewer into the alley in
Block 4 of A. A. Denny's Addition: Read and on motion the
petition is not granted. Councilman McDonald voting against said
Petition of James W. Norris et al praying that the three
Chinese wash houses on the corner of Mill and Fourth Sts
be declared a nuisance and abated the same being
in the immediate vicinity of a number of private
houses; read and on motion othe petitio is granted
and the Chief of Police directed to abate the nuisance.
Petition of James Monague et al praying that a Chinese
on 6th St between Mill and Washington Sts be declared a nui-
sance and abated. Read and on motion tabled.

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