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Feb 5 1886
Petition of Citizens of Houghton et al praying for the es-
tablishment of Madison Street and the buildingof a sidewalk
thereon. Read and referred to Street committee
Petition of D B Jackson praying that the alley running
through Block 56 Maynard's Plat be vacated rec'd and read
and on motion the petition is granted and the City Attorney
directed to submit an ordinance vacating said alley.
Petition of Geo G Lyon et al for a sewer along the East side
of Seneca Street in front of Block 14 Boren's Addition, to
connect with Seneca Street sewer. Referred to Com on Sewers.
Petition of Fred Gasch et al praying the Union Street sewer
be extended to 8th Street. Referred to Committee on Sewers with
instruction to report at the next meeting of the Council.
Petition of W V Rinehart for permission to repair and alter
wooden buildings corner of 3rd and Mill Streets, under direction
of the Chief of the Fire Department. Granted
Petition of Andrew Slorah for the modification of Ordinance
No 607 so as not to require Breweries doing a strictly wholesale
business to take out a City license. Referred to Com on Licenses
Petition of F T Johnson et al for opening Clay Street
from Front Street to Fourth Street, thence north along [?] St
three blocks. Referred to Street Committee
Remonstrance of Matthias Baily et al against the abandonment
of Leonora Street between the alley and Front Street; read and tabled.
Report of City Jailor, City Justice, and J P Geo G Lyon rec'd read
and referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

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