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Mar 5 1886
F S Curtis retail intoxicating 12 mos from Mar 5th
Chas Ross retail intoxicating 3 mos from Mar 1st
Schwabacher Bros & Co wholesale intoxicating 6 mos from Feb 9th
John Shepich retail intoxicating 3 mos from Feb 8th
Theovte upon issuing siad licenses being as follows
towit: In favor thereof Councilmen R H Calligan, J Furth
G W Hall, W A Harrington, T W Lake, C McDonald, J J Post
and G W Young; against none
The following claims against the City are pre-
sented and referred to theproper committee viz:
name fund amount
W R Forrest City 125.00
C H Hanford City 100.00
A Chilberg City 83.33
L Cummings City 84.00
J Bogart City 60.00
J Bogart City 27.40
Geo G Lyon City 24.30
J Blood City 2.20
Geo Behan City 2.20
Chas Hardy City 2.20
Ed Norton City 2.20
L VanDoren City 2.20
Donovan Bros City 10.50
Gordon Hardware Co City 77.50
Neuman & Agrens City 11.20
Seattle Chronicle City 27.64
Sunset Telephone Co City 5.90
Harrington & Smith City 2.40
W H Pinckney City 41.17
Jas Burke City 41.17
G W Hapgood City 5.00
D H Webster City 32.50
Wm Morse City 32.50

Wm Murphy City 65.00
F A Minick City 65.00
Lowman & Hanford S & P Co City 5.50
Turn Verim Society City 75.00
Young & McKeon City .75
W B Jackling City 40.00
Bolton Rogers City 15.12
G L Hill City 20.44
Geo A Hill City 17.40
R H Thomson City 129.25
R H Thomson City 52.25
R H Thomson City 28.50
James Welch City 45.36
Wm Morse City 23.33
W H DeWolf City 18.67
W B Jackling City 18.67
H K Struve City 15.17
D H Blackmar City 15.17
Neil Heuly City 15.17
A McRae City 15.17
G W Hapgood City 15.17
J R Davis City 15.17

J W McGee City 15.17
S P Short City 15.17
M M Holmes City 15.17
C A Craig City 15.17
W M Morse City 15.17
Bolton Rogers City 15.17
G L Hill City 10.83
D H Webster City 15.17
J W Smart City 15.17
J W Currier City 15.17
P Frizell City 15.17
J Normile City 8.67
W M Jones City 15.17
E H Hubbart City 2.17
G Jager City
J Kahaley City
Jas Murphy City
Leo Lester City
O D Butterfield City
W M Jones City 49.83
J Langston City 3.00
Spring Hill Water Co Water 166.00

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