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May 3 1886
Office of the Mayor
Seattle W T May 3d 1886
A special meeting of the Common Council of the
City of Seattle is hereby called to be held at the
Council Chamber at the hour of 7-30 O'clock
P M on Tuesday May 4th 1886 for the trans-
action of such business as may be properly
brought before it
H L Yesler mayor
Be it remembered on that on this the 4th day of
May 1886 the Common Council of the City of Seattle
meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to call if His
Honor the Mayor; the following officers being
present to wit: Mayor H L Yesler, councilmen
R H Calligan, J Furth, G W Hall, W A Harrington
T W Lake, Chas McDonald, J J Post and G W Young
Thereupon the following proceedigns are had:
Petition of C G Steinweg et al for repeal of Ordinance no
728 received and read
Petitionof Ernst Romey et al for change of Ordinance
No 728 received and read
On motionpetitionare laid on the table and City
Attorney instructed to draw an ordinance repealing
Ordinance No 728 and conform subtantially with ord
637 as amended and to submit the same at the next regular
meeting of the Council
City Attorney submits an ordinance appropriating
$922.58 to compensate James McNaught for
damages caused by grading of Main Street

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