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May 21 1886
Block 2 of Bell & Dennys plat read and referred to
Fire & Water committee
Appointment by Mayor H L Yesler of F A Fay as police
officer is read, on motion the appointment is approved
with the proviso that said Fay's connection with the
police force shall terminate on June 1st
Clerk presents the Tax roll for 1885 with affidavit
of Treasurer attached, on motion the Clerk is
ordered to enter in said roll a warrant for the sale
of real estate for delinquent taxes and to return same
roll and warrant to the City treasurer
Mayor H L Yesler reports that on May 12th he suspended
from office James Dunham engineer of Engine Co #2
on motion the action of the Mayor is approved with-
out prejudice to said Dunham
Mayor H L Yesler makes an order removing James Dunham
from office
Moved that the Council consent to the removal of said
Dunham; lost by the following vote to wit: in favor
thereof Councilmen W A Harrington, Chas
, J J Post and G W Young; against Councilmen
R H Calligan, G W Hall, J Furth, and T W Lake
On motion of Council Furth it is ordered that the
motion be reconsidered
Moved that actionof Mayor be approved and James
be removed from office carried by the
following vote to wit: in favor thereof Councilmen
J Furth, G W Hall, W A Harrington, T W Lake,
Chas McDonald, J J Post and G W Young; against
Councilman R H Calligan

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