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Jun 4 1886
Reports of Chief of Police, City Jailor and Justice Geo G
read and referred to Com on Helath & Police and
returned approved.
Report of City Treasurer for May, read and referred to Finance Com
and returned Approved
Report and Pay Roll of the Street Commissioner for month
of May read and referred to Street Com. and approved
Committee Reports Received
From Committee on Fire And Water returning the petition of
G C Manning et al praying for a fire plug at the
Corner of Block 2 Bell & Dennys Addition reproting that
the Spring Hill Water Co would not lay the pipe unless
paid the sum of $300.00 to partially defray the expense
and recommending that the petitions be granted.
On motion the report and recommendation of the Committee rejected.
From Committee on License and Revenue recommending that the
petition of L Diller et al praying that the Hotel Runners License
be abolished be not granted. adopted
From same commmittee recommending that the license of Bersch and
for the sale of Intox liquor by retail be transfered to Jacob Bersch upon his filing a new bond. Adopted
Licenses orderd Issued.
Gumbert & Dickman 3 months from June 1st 1886 retail intox
Vitus Schmidt 3 months from June 1st 1886 retail intox
A F Hill 3 months from June 3rd 1886 retail intox
J P Tighe 3 months from June 16 1886 retail intox
M Mcdonald 3 months from June 8 1886 retail Malt
T Radcliffe 3 months from May 18 1886 retail Malt
Benj Murphy 3 months from June 12 1886 retail Malt
Chas Ross 3 months from June 13 1886 retail intox
Chas Ross 3 months from June 1st 1886 retail intox
E Champeaux 3 months from June 5 1886 retail intox
The application of Messrs Schmidt, Hill, Tighe, McDonald and
Gumbert & Dickman having bee made for licenses for twelve

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