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Jun 4 1886
Calligan, Furth, Hall, Harrington, McDonald, Lake and Young. Against J J Post
An ordinance is submitted by CouncilmanFurth entitled
"An ordinance granting the right to erect poles and stretch
wires thereon for electrical purposes" which is adopted by
the following vote on condition that the applicants for the
franchise granted by said ordinance pay the costs of publishing
same viz: In favor of said ordinance Calligan, Furth, Hall,
Harrington, McDonald, Lake, Post and Young. Against none
An Special ordinance is submitted by the Clerk entitled "A
special ordinance appropriating money to pay audited bills"
which is adpoted by the following vote viz: In favor of
same Calligan, Furth, Hall, Harrington, Lake, McDonald, Lake, Post
and Young. Against none
Onmotionof Councilman [Furth]] the City Clerk is authorized to
employ a deputy for one month at a salary of $100.00
Orderd that the Council do now adjourn
H L Yesler mayor
Attest W R Forrest clerk
June 11 1886
Be it remembered that on this the 11th day of June 1886
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council
Chamber pursuant to law there being present His Honor the Mayor
H L Yesler, and Councilmen R H Calligan, G W Hall, T W Lake
and G W Young
There being no quorum present present it is ordered
that the counciladjourn until Saturday evening
June 12th at 8 o'clock
H L Yesler mayor
attest W R Forrest clerk

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