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Jun 25 1886
E J Powers & Co retail Intox 3 months from June 18 1886
Thevote ongranting siad Licenses being as follows
to wit: In favor of the same Calligan, Furth, Hall,
Harrington, Lake, McDonald, Post amd Young.
against none
On motion the application of Mrs John Osborn for
a retail malt liquor license is rejected by a unanimous
vote of council
claims Allowed
The following claums against the City having been
duly audited by the Council are allowed and
warrants ordered drawn for the same on the several
funds as follows viz;
The Press Pub Co 1706 43.00 Pub'n Ordinances
The Press Pub Co 1706 8.00 Pub'n Notice
The Chronicle Co 1707 20.00 Pub'n Chief Police notice
F Anthony 1708 34.00 Registry Books
A Chilberg 1709 25.00 Extra Help
Neuman & Argens 1710 1.05 Keys
McKeon & Young 1711 4.75 Gas Fixture Chief Police
W U Telegraph Co 10.00 Telegrams
Thos Boardman 3.00 Washing Hose No 2
A Kollock 3.00 Washing Hose No 1
Beattie & McDonald 6.00 Washing Hose No 1
Dunham & Wilson 3.00 Extra Work at Fire
Frank Beattie 3.00 Washing Hose No 1
Chas Woolery 3.00 Washing Hose No 2
The clerk submits an ordinance entitled "Aspecila
ordinance appropriating money to pay audited bills" which
is adopted and passed by a unanimous vote fo the Council
Ordered that the Council adjourn with tomorrow at 7:30 o'clock pm
H L Yesler mayor
attest W R Forrest clerk

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