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Jun 26 1886
Be it remembered that on this the 26th day of June 1886
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in
its Council Chamber pursuant to adjournment: Present,
Mayor Yesler and Councilmen J Furth,R H Calligan, Geo Hall,
W A Harrington, Chas McDonald and G W Young & J J Post
the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved and
the following preceedings are had to wit:
On motion the the action of petition of Mrs John Osborn
for a retail Malt license is reconsidered and the
same referred to the Com on License and Revenue.
On motion of Councilman J Furth the contract for build-
ing the Beach Road Bridge is awarded to A W Burrell for
$21,800.00 and the city Attorney ordered to draw and sub-
mit an ordinance authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to
execute a contract with A W Burrell for building the
Beach Road Bridge and it is further ordered that a bond in
the sum of $5000.00 be required of the said A W Burrell for the
faithful fulfillment of his contract.
On motion it is ordered that R H Thomson be and he is hereby
appointed engineer and superintendnet of construction of the
Beach Road Bridge at a salary of $4.00 per day and an
allowance of $50.00 for the use of instruments; and the City
Atty directed to submit an ordinance appointing said R H
such engineer superintendent.
Petition of Seattle Soap Co for a fire plug on alley in
Block "D" Dennys 4th Addition read & Referred to Com
on Fire and Water
The City Attorney submits an Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance
to provide for the construction of a Plank Road on
Grant Street and authorizing the mayor and clerk to
execute a contract with A W Burrell therefor" which

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