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Jul 27 1886
Hillary Bentler Raised on Improvements
L Diller Raised on Improvements
Franenthal Bros Raised on Improvements
Hinds Heirs Raised on Improvements
Dexter Horton Raised on Improvements
Gordon Hardware Co Raised on Personal Property
Sam'l Kenny Raised on Personal Property
Kline & Rosenburg Raised on Personal Property
Robert Knipe Raised on Improvements
D B Jackson Raised on Improvements
W M Ladd Raised on Improvements
E F Lange Raised on Improvements
H Jones & Son Raised on Personal Property
P J Lair & Co Raised on Personal Property
Spring Hill Water Co Raised on Personal Property
Toklas & Singerman Raised on Personal Property
Ordered that Council adjourn until tomorrow at 7:30 PM
H L Yesler, mayor
Attet W R Forrest, clerk
Jul 28 1886
Be it remembered that on this 28th day of July 1886
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its
Council Chamber pursuant to adjournment . The Following
officers are present to wit: Mayor H L Yesler and
Councilmen R H Calligan, J Furth, W A Harrington, G W Hall,
and T W Lake
The following business is transacted to wit:
Council proceeds to examine and equalize the
Assessment Roll for the year 1886
On motion the Clerk is ordered to notify the following
named persons to appear and show cause as the same appears
on the assessment Roll for 1886. Should not be raised to wit:
Isadore Harris Raised on Personal Property
with law.

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