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Jul 30 186
is ordered to put in a wooden sewer in accordance
with the prayer of the petitioner.
Petition of G Kellogg et al for fire ladders to be
placed at Lake Union Referred on Fire & Water
Communicaton from A W Burrell contractor for Beach
Road Bridge
received read & Ordered filed and on
motion of Councilman Furth the clerk is ordered
to return the said Burrell the certified check
deposited by him with his bid upon the filing of
the approved bond & Contract
Communication of L Kusters asking that the item
of $2500 personal property be stricken from the
assessment of Anna E Shannon she being a
non-redisent of Seattle since 1885 & Living in Canada
read & on motion the request is granted and the
clerk is directed to make the correction.
Committee Reports Received
From Fire & Water Committee recommending that the
sum of $50. be allowed Chief Engineer Campbell as
partial compensation for valuable services rendered
Adopted and Clerk ordered to draw a
warrant in favor of said Campbell for the sum of $50.00
Quarterly report of Health Officer for the
Quarter ending July 30 1886. received read and approved
& ordered filed.
Licenses referred
O N Morse, The A P Hotaling Co, Andrew Slorah, &
Margaret O'Shea
Licenses Ordered Issued
O P Dahlquist R Intox 3 months from July 23rd 1886
Walters & Dietz R Intox 3 months from July 29 1886
A Wolters R Intox 3 months from July 19 1886

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