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Jul 30 1886
H C McLoughin 1805 City 2.20 Juror fees City vs Benson
F Clennen 1806 City 2.20 Juror fees City vs Benson
G W Kimball 1807 City 2.20 Juror fees City vs Benson
L B Andrews 1808 City 2.20 Juror fees City vs Benson
H S Woodman 1809 City 2.20 Juror fees City vs Benson
A P Freeman 1810 City 2.20 Wit fees City vs Benson
J P Ludlow 1811 City 12.30 Clerks Fee
J S McGraw 1812 City 10 60 Sherffs Fee
Lui King 1813 City 6.60 Interpreter's Fees
Chet Kelley 1814 City 2.20 Wit fees
A H Manning 1815 City 2.20 Wit fees
Clancy & Jaquilsohn 1816 City 4.40 Wit fees
E A Thorndike 1817 City 65.00 Detective Services
Chf Engnr Fire Dept
Wm Campbell 1818 City 50.00 Voted by council for Services
J A McBeath & Co 1344 Road 20.80 Horseshoeing
M M Feigh & Co 1345 Road 20.80 Repairing Harness
Harrington & Smith 1346 Road 20.80 Supplies for St Commr
Stetson & Post M Co 1347 Road 20.80 Lumber for St Commr
Jones & Hubbell 1348 Road 20.80 Oats for St Commr
A M Gilman 875 Fire 75.00 Salary Engr Of No 2
W A Perry 876 Fire 75.00 Salary Engr Of No 1
Gordon Hardware Co 877 Fire 18.66 Vise etc for No 2
[C & P S R R Co]] 878 Fire 16.27 Repg No 2 & work on Bell
G Kellogg 879 Fire 6.20 Hauling hose & freight
Bill of F Reilly, F Y Mellis, and C H Cummings for witness fees rejected.
The finance Committee return the bill of J H Woolery for services as
Chief of Police during the months of Jany & Feby 1886 $200.Recommending that
the same not be paid an on motion the report was adopted and said bill
Resignation fo E H Hubbart s police officer received
and on motion accepted.
On motion of Concilmlan Furth the Tax Roll for the year
of 1886 as equalized by the Council is accepted and
On motion fo Councilman Furth the salary of the
City Treasurer for the ensuing year is fixed at $1200.00
The Plat of Mercers Waterfront Addition is submitted

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