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Aug 20 1886
The following bids are rec'd and read for furnishing lumber
Western Mill Co All the Rough lumber required by City @ $8.50 per [thousand board feet]
Seattle Lumber & Commercial Co All the R Common lumber
required for Street Improvements @ $7.90 per [thousand board feet]
Stetson & Post Mill Co Good Merchantable rough
Fir & Alder lumber @ $8.50 per [thousand board feet]
After discussion & Comparison of bids on motion of
Councilman Lake the contract for furnishing the City
with Lumber for the ensuing year is awarded to the
Stetson & Post Mill Co
The following bids are received for Lighting & Care of Street
R W McDaniel 69 cents per lamp per month
J J Sullivan 60 cents per lamp per month
J C Killen 60 cents per lamp per month
J Clancy 49 cents per lamp per month
J Harrison 50 cents per lamp per month
A C Turner 80 cents per lamp per month
M Murphy 60 cents per lamp per month
B J Allen $60.00 per month
G A Tyler $55.00 per month
Bids for lighting the streets of the City are rec'd from
Seattle Electric Light Co
Seattle Gas Light Co
Ordered that the consideration of bids for Street Lighting
& Care of Street Lamps be postponed until Monday
Aug 23d at 8 o'clock PM
Ordered that the purchasing agent be and he is
hereby instructed to purchase sufficient sewer
pipe to extend the Union St sewer to Eighth St
On moton the Chief of Police is instructed to look up
missing City Property & report to the Council

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