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Sep 3 1886
Be it remembered that on this 3rd day of September
1886 the Common Council of the City of Seattle
meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to law.
Present Mayor Shoudy and Councilmen Frink, Green
Hinckley, Lake, Russell & Reitze
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
Petitions Received & Read
From P G Beigninane for permission to erect an
Oyster Stall at the foot of Marion Street.
Referred to Street Committee
From F Lange for the removal of a tank in
Jefferson Street On motion referred to a special
Committee Consisting of Councilmen Hinckley, Russell
and Reitze.
From Seattle Gas and Electric Light Co for the opening
of South 5th Street between Main & Jackson Streets
for the passage of teams. Referred to Street Com.
From M Korn et al for Street Lights on Washington Street
at the intersection of each crossing up to and
including South 11th St/ Also a light on the
line of Mill Street at the junction of South 11th
Broadway and 9th Streets. Granted.
From H Lysler for permission to place a small
wooden building on the vacant ground between the
Yesler Leary Building & the Starr Building on ]]Front St]]
Also a small wooden building adjoining the Times
on James Street. Granted.
From Wm Murphy et al for a Street Light of 32
candle power placed on the left of Main Street at
the intersection of the Railroad. Granted.

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