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Sep 3 1886
Reports Recd for Month of Aug
From City Atty Read and ordered filed
From Justices Geo G Lyon & G A Hill, referred to Finance
Committee and approved
From Chief of Police Read and ordered filed
From City Treasurer referred to Finance Com.
From Street Commr Referred to Street Com & Returned approved
From Custodian of the Powder House Read and ordered filed
From City Jailor Referred to Street Com & Returned approved
Quarterly Report of Chief of Fire Department
containing certain recommendation and suggestions
read and referred to Fire &Water Committee and
on motion of Councilman Frink it is ordered that
the owner of Block No 14 Maynards plat be re-
quested to remove the old shanties and prevent
trannps and Indians from building campfires in
the saw dust on said permises, which is a con-
stant source of danger, And the Chief of Police
is ordered to abate the same nuisance in the
streets adjoining said premises.
Committee Reports Recieved
From Street Committee on petition of J F Phinney et al
for the opening of Eighth Street recommending that
the same be not granted. Report Adopted
From the Smae Committee on Communicatio from Street Commissioner
in regard to Front Street sidewalk recommending as
follows: That the following portions of Front Street
sidewalk be condemned and the owners fo the proper-
ty be notified to build the same anew.
1st: Commencing at the South line of Union Street
running thence south along the East Line of Front
to a point 120 feet south of the south line of
Madison Street
2d: Commencing at South line of Marion Street

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