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Sep 17 1886
Applications for Licenses Referred
Joe Francisco, John Christ, John Collins, E J Powers & Co
John Shepich, L V Schnyder, Oliver Bernard, Schwabacher
Bros & Co
, Frank Wilton, M & K Gottstein, Andrew Lunn,
McMaster & Taylor & L Diller
Licenses Ordered Issued
John Heinrich Retail Malt 3 mos from Sept 4th to Dec 4th
Mrs Jno Osborn Retail Malt 3&24/30 mos from Sept 7th to Dec 31
Jno Brannen Retail Intox 3&28/30 mos from Sept 3 to Dec 31
Davidson & Grubb Retail Intox 3&18/30 mos from Sept 13 to Dec 31
Feigh & Miller Retail Intox 3&11/30 mos from Sept 20 to Dec 31
Chas Ross Retail Intox 3&28/30 mos from Sept 23 to Dec 31
J P Tighe Retail Intox 3&15/30 mos from Sept 16 to Dec 31
The vote upon granting said licenses is a follows viz:
In favor of the same Frink, Furth, Green, Hinckley, Lake
& Reitze against none.
Billd Allowed
the following Claims against the city having been duly audited by
the Council are ordered paid by warrants drawn on the funds as follows:
Name Warrant# Fund Amount Remarks
David Johns 1896 City 10.00 Removing Carrion
Press Publishing Co 1897 City 1.00 Printing notice
G Kellogg & Co 1898 City 1.00 Medicine for Prisoner
D H Webster 1899 City 26.00 12 day services Policeman
C A Craig 1900 City 26.00 12 day services Policeman
Neuman & Argens 1901 City 13.70 Repairs to Police Office etc
F Anthony 1902 City 8.25 Printing & Making order book etc
[F H Thomson]] 1903 City 104.25 Services if Self & Assistiants on
[Beach Road Bridge]]
Britton & Rey 1904 City 77.80 Engraving Bonds & Ex Chgs
N D Snyder 926 Fire 25.00 Salary Secty Board Delegates
A M Kollack 927 Fire 1.50 Numbering Fire Alarm Boxes
G Kellogg 928 Fire 17.25 Valves & Springs etc
Wm Beattie 929 Fire 7.50 Repairing Hose Carts
Neuman & Argens 930 Fire 1.00 Repairing nozzle
L Miller 931 Fire 10.00 Hauling Engine

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