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Dec 30 1886
To the members of the common council of
he City of Seattle,
You and each
of you are hearby notified that a special meeting of the
the Common Council will be held at the Council Chamber
on Thursday December 30th 1886 at 7 P.M. for the transaction of
the following business:
To consider the matter of granting licences for the sale
of liquor; to consider certain licenses for the sale of liquor
heretofore issued for the period of one year and to consider
other affairs pertaining to Ordinance No 767, relating to
the liquor traffic,
Dated Seattle } W H Shoudy
Dec 23rd 1886 } Mayor
Be it remembered that on this 30th day of December AD1886
the Common Councils of the City of Seattle meets in its
Council Chamber pursuant to the call of the Mayor. The following
officers are present : Mayor W H Shoudy & Councilmen C W Coulter,
J.Furth, J Green, H D Hinckley, T W Lake & R Russell;
The following proceedings were had; to wit-:
Committee Reports Recieved,
From Commitee on License & Revenue on petition of Thomas
& Davis
et al to amend Ordinance No 767 so as to make
liquor licences payable quarterly in advance, recom-
mending that the same be not granted. adopted.
Councilman Lake moves to amend No 767
so as to make all liquor license fees payable semi annually
in advance. Motion carried by the following vote ayes
Coulter, Green, Hinckley, Lake & Russell, noes J Furth.
Licenses Ordered Issued
The following Licenses are ordered issued having been approved by
the Commitee on License and Revenue viz:.
A.F.Able & Co , Aug Wolff, Feigh & Miller, Ole Nelson,

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