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Jan 7 1887
Commissioner Cummings reporting that they have in-
vestigated the charges made against Mr Cummings and
find the same unsubstantiated and frivolous And
recommending that the charges be dismissed.
Report Unanimously adopted.
Applications for Licenses Referred
C E Noragen, Mrs John Shepich, L L Jewett, Mrs Jane Osborn]]
and F S Curtis
Bills Alowed
The following claims against the City having been duly
audited and allowed by the Council are ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several funds as follows viz:
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
W R Forrest 2042 City 125.00 Salary City Clerk
F A Peterson 2043 City 100.00 Salary City Atty
L A Treen 2044 City 100.00 Salary City Treasurer
L Cummings 2045 City 94.50 Salary Street Commr
James Bogart 2046 City 159.40 Salary Jailor $60.00 Board Prisoners
WmMurphy 2047 City 100.00 Salary Chief of Police
James Welch 2048 City 80.00 Salary Capt of Police
J W Hunt 2049 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
W H Pinckney 2050 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
A H Manning 2051 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
J L McClellan 2052 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
J L McDaniel 2053 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Tobias Butler 2054 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
T H Campbell 2055 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
John Frazier 2056 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Fred Voight 2057 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
F A Fay 2058 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Wm Berry 2059 City 55.00 Salary Special Police
M A Murphy 2060 City 55.00 Salary Special Police
E Deal 2061 City 42.50 Salary Special Police
W L Preston 2062 City 42.50 Salary Special Police
Chas Otto 2063 City 42.50 Salary Special Police

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