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Jan 21 1887
to street committee
from Ames & Russell for permissionto lunload logs
o Union Street. Granted
From Sundstrom & Littell for a lease of or permission
to use the foot of University Street for a Steam Jobbing
shop. Referred to Street Committee, to be reported on at
the adjourned meeting
Committee Reports Rec'd
From Street Light Committee stating that they are
unable without a test with the proper instruments
to satifactorily determine as to whether the contract
of the Seattle Electric Light Company with the City
being faithfully fulfilled or not. That if requested to do
so the Electric Light Co willl increase the lights on
Front and Second Streets to 32 candle power lamps.
On motion the report is adopted and the Elec-
tric Light Company
requests to make the change suggested.
From Committee License & Revenue on petition of Frank
for the return of certain license money rejected
the same. Adopted.
Application for License Referred
Thomas Anderson & Conrad Brehm
Licenses ordered Issued
F S Curtis & L L Jewett. The note upon issuing said
licenses is a follows viz: Infavor of the same J Furth,
J M Frink, Jos Green, T D Hinckley R Russell & C F Reitze against none.
License Rejects
Mrs Jane Osborn and Mrs John Shepich
Bills allowed
the following claims against the City having been

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