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Jan 25 1887
for the month of December. adopted
From saem Committee on petitionof Hester McKay
forthe refunding of tax on 1.50 acres of land in
A A Denny's Donation Claim recommending that
the same be not granted. Adopted
From Street Committee granting petition of Wm D Wood
& W P Stanley to vacate alley running through
Block 16 of Burke's Second Addition. Adopted
On motion of Councimlan Reitze ordred that
Woods Supplemental plat of Blocks 16 & 17
of Burkes second addititoin to the City of Seattle

be approved.
Applications for Liquor license referred
John Shepich
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the City having been
duly audited and allowed by the Council are ordered
paid by warrants drawn on the several funds as follows,
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
H M Hall 2097 City 10.00 Attendance on Prisoner
H M Hall 2098 City 10.00 Shoes & Socks for Prisoners
Sol Simpson 2099 City 2.20 Jury Fees
J K Murphy 2100 City 2.20 Jury Fees
Jas Monogue 2101 City 2.20 Jury Fees
Henry Burke 2102 City 2.20 Jury Fees
John Connerly 2103 City 2.20 Jury Fees
Chas Benson 2104 City 2.20 Jury Fees
Fred Miller 2105 City 2.20 Witness Fees
August Wolfe 2106 City 2.20 Witness Fees
F Anthony 2107 City 2.20 Witness Fees
Seattle Electric Lt Co 167 Gas 1092.00 56 Lamp posts
T B Elder 991 Fire 4.25 Locks Butts etc for No 4

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