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Mar 4 1887
notify all property owners along the line of said
sewer to make proper connections therewith within
ten days.
Petition of Harman Chapin et al for the establish-
ing of the grade of Valley Street. Granted and
the City Surveyor instructed to establish the grade
of said street.
Monthly Reports Rec'd
From City Atty read approved and ordered filed.
From Chief of Police read approved and ordered filed.
From Justice G A Hall read & referred to finance Com.
From Street Commissioner referred to Street com. &approved.
From City Jailor referred to Finance Committee.
From Custodian of the Powder House read & ordered filed.
Committee Reports Received
From Street committee rejecting petition of Edwin
et al opening Eighth Street between James
& Columbia Streets. Adopted
From Same Committee recommending that the petition
of Robert Fitzhenry for the opening of Mikado Street be
laid over for the present. Adopted.
From same Committee granting petition of Fred Wilhelm et al
for placing the earth removed from James Street sidewalk
on Sixth Street between James & Cherry Sts. Adopted.
From same Committee rejecting petition of John H West et al
for a street crossing Corner Olive & Ninth Streets. Adopted
From Committee on Health & Police reporting that the Com.
has examined into the charges made against Police Officer
Manning by Charles & Louise Otto and find the same
unfounded and fully exhonorating said officer from
said charges. Adopted.

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