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Mar 4 1887
H Lohse 1544 Road 3.30 Labor on Sts(lay brick Marion St sewer)
H Lohse 1544 Road 7.00 Brick for Marion St sewer
Harrington & Smith 1545 Road 294.20 Sewer pipe etc
Stetson & Post Mill Co 1546 Road 422.31 Lumber for streets
M McTeigh 1547 Road 9.95 Repairing Harness
J A McBeath & Co 1548 Road 12.35 Horse shoeing etc
Jones & Hubbell 1549 Road 17.95 Feed
Washington Iron Works1550 Road 31.30 Castings for Marion St sewer
Chas McDonald 1551 Road 11.45 Repairing tools etc
[total] 809.50
W A Perry 1010 Fire 75.00 Salary Eng No 1
A M Gilman 1011 Fire 75.00 Salary Eng No 2
G Kellogg 1012 Fire 75.00 Salary Cheif Fire Dept
N S Snyder 1013 Fire 25.00 Salary Secty Fire Delegates
E C McClellahan 1014 Fire 3.00 Hauling Hook & Ladder Truck
D McDaniel 1015 Fire 5.00 Hauling Hook & Ladder Truck
Peter Frisell 1016 Fire 2.50 Hauling Hose Cart
E C Green 1017 Fire 3.00 Washing hose for #2
Sunset Telephone Co 1018 Fire 10.00 Telephone Fire Service March\87
Chas McDonald 1019 Fire 7.50 8 spanners
Saml Hunter 1020 Fire 75.00 Glazing Engine House No 4
Washington Iron Works 1021 Fire 4.80 Repairing Ladder
Seattle Gas Light Co 170 Gas 24.91 Gas Month of Feby
Seattle Electric Light Co 171 Gas 260.80 Street Lighting etc
Spring Hill Water Co 49 Water 285.50 Water Month of Feby
The City Surveyor submits plans and specifications for a
sidewalk on the North side of Madison Street from
the East side of Third Street to the east side of alley
between Third & Fourth Streets. On motion the same.
are submitted to the street committee. After Examination
the Street Committee returns the said plans and
specifications and recommend that they be approved
and adopted : Whereupon on motion the said plans
and specifications are approved and adopted.
Bids for Constructing Third Street Sidewalk.
Pursuant to publish notice the following bids are

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