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Mar 18 1887
storing combustibles etc be laid over for the
present adopted.
From Same Com. recommending the purchase
of 'shut off nozzles' and suitable harness for
the Fire Department.
From Street Committee granting petition of
Walter Harmon et al for raising the side
walk on the East side of Third Street between
University Street and Union Street. Adopted.
From Same garnting petitioinf of
S E Danison st al for improving alley through
Block 52 of A A Dennys Addition. adopted
Fromsame committee rejecting petition of
D B Blaine et al for opening Cedar Street between
West Street &Water Street. Adopted
Application of Otto Fuhrman for liquor license
referred to Com on License & Revenue
Licenses ordered Issued.
G Burian Retail Liquor from Mch 1 1887 for 6 MOnths
The vote issuing said license is as follows:
Ayes Coulter, Furth, Frink, Green, Hinckley, Lake
Russell & [Reitze]]. Noes none.
Billa Allowed
The Following claims against the Cityhaving been
duly audited by the Council are ordered paid by
warrants drawn on the several funds as follows, viz:
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
Post Intelligencer 2181 City 23.83 printing
G A Hill 2182 City 24.20 Justice Fees
E L Smith 2183 City 75.00 Salary Health Officer
Chas G Steinweg 2184 City 125.00 license refunded
Margaret Watson 2185 City 6.00 Tax refunded
Baker & Thurlow 1022 Fire 1.35 Coal for No 4

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