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Apr 1 1887
Be it remembered that on this 1st day of April
A D 1887 the Common Council of the City of
Seattle met in its Council Chamber pursuant
to law. The following Officers are present to wit:
Mayor W H Shoudy & Councilmen C W Coulter
J Furth, J M Frink, Jos Green, T D Hinckley, T W
, R Russell & C F Reitze.
The following proceedings were had to wit:
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
Petitions & Communications
petition of M Phelan et al for the opening of Summit,
Silver, Wall & Bancroft Streets. Referred to Street Com.
Petitionof A Chilberg et al for extending Front Street
through to South Second Street. Laid on the table.
Petition of John Connors for refunding liquor license
fee for unexpired term. Granted
Petition of Armstrong & Allen for permission to raise the
sidewalk around the New Arlington Hotel and open
the alley through block from Main to Jackson Street
between South Second Street & South Third Street. Granted
Petition of August Melhorn for permission to
move buildings from the SW corner of Columbia and
Front Streets to the lot west of the Alley west of
Front Street on Columbia Street. Granted.
Petition of M V Stewart for the refunding of $5.15
taxes for improvements. referred to Judiciary Committee
Petition of R Levy for permission to make ceertain

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