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Apr 1 1887
Engineer: That the salaries be as follows:
Chief of the Fire Department $300.00 per year
Each Assistant $100.00 per year
Chief Engineer $150.00 per year
Engineers in charge of Engines $80.00 per month
That the Fire Delegates by dispesed with:
That the members of Fire Engine Companies be
reduced to forty (40) for each Company, and the
members of Hose Companies be rreduced to twenty
five (25) for each Company. We would also
recommend that the purchasing agent
purchase an Extension lader to extend to
sixty (60) feet the cost not to exceed $175.00 for
the use of the Fire Department. Adopted.
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
W R Forrest 2186 City 125.00 Salary City Clerk
F H Peterson 2187 City 100.00 Salary City Atty
L A Treen 2188 City 100.00 Salary City Trasr
Laurence Cummings 2189 City 94.50 Salary Street Commr
James Bogart 2190 City 60.00 Salary Jailor
James Bogart 2190 City 153.80 Board of prisoners
Wm Murphy 2191 City 100.00 Salary Chief of Police
James Welch 2192 City 80.00 Salary Capt Police
J W Hunt 2193 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Thos H Campbell 2194 City 47.50 Salary Policeman
Bolton Rogers 2195 City 17.50 Salary Policeman
W H Pinckney 2196 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
J L McClellan 2197 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
F A Fay 2198 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Fred Voigt 2199 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
J L McDaniel 2200 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
A H Manning 2201 City 65.00 Salary Policeman
Tobias Butler 2202 City 38.90 Salary Policeman
Charles Robinson 2203 City 26.10 Salary Policeman
M A Murphy 2204 City 47.50 Salary Policeman
Harrington & Smith 2205 City 4.40 Soap Brooms etc

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