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May 6 1887
to the City as well as the property owners. The Com
mittee will recommend the grading of Seventh Street from
Battery Street to Union Street and building sidewalk
thereon providing the proper petition it filed. Adopted.
From same Committee recommending that the petition
of C G Johnson et al to open and extend Virginia Street
be laid on the table for the present. Adopted.
From Same Committee rejecting the petition of the
Board of School Directors for a sidewalk on Seventh
for the reason that Seventh Street is not graded
now but will probably be graded this year. Adopted.
Applications for Licenses referred
L V Schnyder, Thomas R Hughes, Mrs Jane Osborn and
Andrew Lunn.
Licenses ordered issued.
John Baltes for Retail Malt License for 6 months from Apl 1st.
The vote upon granting said license is as follows:
In favor of same J Furth, J M Frink, Jos Green,
T W Lake, R Russell & C F Reitze.
Seventh Street Grade
On motion of Councilman Furth: It is ordered that
Seventh Street be graded from the North side of
Madison street to the South side of Battery Street
and sidewalks constructed on each side of said
street and the City Surveyor ordered to establish
the grade of said street. The vote upon siad matter
is as follows: In favor of same; J M Frink,
J Furth, Joseph Green, T D Hinckley, T W Lake, R
& C F Reitze.
Bills allowed
The following claims against the city having been
duly presented and audited by the Council are

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