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May 20 1887
too committee on Sewers and Drainage.
Petition of C B Bussell for permission to movee
a cabin to the foot of University Street for a
period of three months. Granted
Petition of C & P S R R Co for a 2000 candle power
arc light at the foot of Main Street the
cost of putting up the same and one
half of the cost of maintenance to be borne
by the petitioner. Granted and the 32 Candlepower
lamp ordered discontinued.
Petition of Fred Gasch and others to have
alley west of Front Street between Columbia
and Mill Streets opened for travel. Granted.
Petition of Fred Gasch for permission to move
wooden building from his lot in Front Street
north of the Poncin Block to the northeast corner
of the Alley in Washington Street between Com-
and Second Streets Granted.
Petition of Hillary Butler et al for establishing
grade of James Street. Laid on the table.
Petition of Everett Smith et al to have Seventh Street
graded its entire length instead of from Battery
to Madison Street as hereto fore ordered.
On motion Ordered that that portion of the
petition asking that Seventh Street be graded
from Madison Street the Mill Street be granted:
Also that the City Surveyor be instructed to
establish the grade of said portion of Seventh Street
and that an assessment District be
established thereupon.

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