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Jun 3 1887
Be it remembered that on this 3rd day of June
1887 the Common Council of the City of Seattle
met in its council chamber pursuant to law.
The following officers are present, to wit: Mayor
W H Shoudy and Councilman Coulter, Furth, Frink,
Green, Hinkley, Reitze & Russell. The minutes of
the last meeting were read and approved.
Petitions & Communications
Petition of Chas Coppin et al for a twelve (12) inch
ironstone sewer in Columbia Street from 12th
to the Bay. Referred to Com. on Sewers & Drainage.
Petition of Wm Lider and Otto Ranke to open the half
Street South of Block 12 in Edes & Knights Addition
running East & West also to open alley running
through same block. Referred to Street Com.
Petition of H L Lester & others to grade Mill St.
from a point between South Fourth and South
Fifth Street
s to Williamson Street. Referred to
Street Committee.
Petition of O J Carr and others to grade West St.
from Virginia Street to Cedar Street and build
a sidewalk on the Eastern side of said Street.
Referred to Street Commitee.
Petition of Seattle Cable Road and Water Company
for a Street Railway franchise on following Sts.
Commencing at the intersection of Front Street &
Madison Street, thence along Madison Street to Lake
: also, beginning at the intersection of Second &
Madison Streets thence along Second Street to James
thence along James Street to Tenth Street.
Thence along Tenth Street to Madison Street.
Referred to Street Committee.

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