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May 20 1887
pay audited bills" which is passed by the
following vote: In favor of the same Frink,
Green, Hinckley, Lake, Russell & Reitze. Against none.
Ordered that Council adjourn until Monday June
13th at 8 o'clock PM
W H Shoudy mayor
Attest W R Forrest clerk
Jun 13 187
Be it remembered that on this 13th day of June
1887 the Common Council of the City of Seattle
met in its Council Chamber pursuant to ad-
journment. the following officers are present to wit:
Mayor W H Shoudy and Councilmen J Furth, J M
, Joseph Green, T D Hinckley, T W Lake, R Russell
& C F Reitze. Thereupon the following proceed-
ings are had to wit:
Petitions etc
Petition of J W Crow et al for Street Lights on
Pine Street fron 4th St to 7th St inclusive.
Laid on the table until light limits are extended.
Petition of Samuel Ware for permission to move
small woodne building from Lot 12 Block 10 May-
nard's Plat
to Lot 1 of same block. Referred to
Street Committee.
Petition of H M Peters andothers to reduce intoxicat-
ing liquor license fee from $500 to $30 per annum and
malt liquor license fee from $250 to 150 per annum is
Referred to Committee on License and Revenue.
Petitionof J F Eshelman & others to grade Madison Street
from the end of the present grade to the City limits
and build a sidewalk on the northerly side of said

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