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Jun 13 1887
petition of the Seattle Cable Road and Water Co. as
the petitioner does not state when work will be
commenced nor when completed nor give any infor-
mation as to the terms of the Franchise asked for.
Official Reports
Report of the City Atty on the case of [Jonas F
Seaman]] vs The City of Seattle recommending that
the case be settled upon the terms offered by the
Plaintiff to wit: By paying him the sum of $225. is
read and on motion the City attorney is authorized to
settle said suit by paying the plaintiff $225. the
plaintiff to pay all costs.
City Treasurer report for the month of May is read and
referred to the Finance Committee with the re-
quest that the committee report the amount of war-
rants outstanding against the City at the next meeti-
ing of the Council.
Application for Licenses Referred
John Shepich, Barrett & LaBlanc & Martin Lange & Co
Billd Allowed
The following claims against the City having been
duly audited and alowed by the Council are
ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several
funds as follows viz:
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
Press Pub Co 2340 City 144.55 Pub Tax list
Hardy & Hall 2341 City 3.50 Dog tags
Jonas P Seaman 2342 City 225.00 Settlement of suit in Dist Ct
J D Sullivan 1057 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Frank Bogan 1058 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
An Ordinance is submitted by the City Attorney
entitled "An Ordinance to widen extend and establish
Second Street in the City of Seattle W T and to
provide for the condemnation of Real Estate
necessary therefor" which after due consideration

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