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Jul 1 1887
Report for Fire & Water Committee on communication of Chief of
Fire Department regarding the Telephone Fire Alarm system recom-
mending that the telephone wires connected with the Fire Alarm
System be changed as suggested in said communication.
Street Committee given until the next regular meeting to re-
port upon the widening of Second Street and South 3rd Street
Ordered that the alley on Block 18 Maynard's Plat be opened
and the Street Commissioner directed to make the said alley
passable for teams.
Ordinance 809
On motion theorder of business is suspended and an ordinance
entitles "An Ordinance to widen extend and establish Second Street
in the City of Seattle W T and to provide for the condemnation of
real estate necessary therefor" is introduced and after due consid-
ation is passed bythe following vote, viz: In favor of the same
Furth, Frink, Coulter, Lake, Russell & Reitze. Noes T D Hinckley
Applications for Liquor Licenses Referred
Melhorn & Probst, Fred Schollp, Wm Garrett, H Carson
Chas Norager, Geo Meister and J K Myers
Licenses Ordered Issuec
Richard Pritchard, Beede & Sinclair, Chas F O'Hara, Becker &
, Blanchard & Campbell. By full vote.
The following claims against the City having been
duly audited & allowed are ordered paid by warrants as follows:
City Fund warrant
W R Forrest #2350 for Clerk's Salary $125.00
F H Peterson #2351 for City Atty's Salary $100.00
L A Treen #2352 for Treasurer's Salary $100.00
Laurence Cummings #2355 for Sves as Street Commis'r $ 91.00
James Bogart #2354 for Salary as Janitor & Jailor $ 60.00
Police Force #2356 to 2369 $960.00
Wm Murphy #2376 for burying dead horse $ 7.50

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