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Aug 29 1887
Ordered that Chas Carr be reduced on personal
property from $300 to $150.
Ordered that J R Lewis be reduced on personal
property $1398 account of mortgages.
Ordered that E B Downing be reduced on per-
sonal property from $10,925 account of mortgages improp-
erly assessed.
Ordered that C H Kittenger be reduced on personal
property from $20,000 for same reasons.
Ordered that S Kenny be reduced on personal
property from $2560 to $2060.
The report of the Committee appointed by the Common
Council to revise the assessment roll is receiv-
ed, read, and placed on file.
Ordered that the assessment roll for the year
1887 as revised and corrected by the Council
and now submitted by the Clerk be and the same
is hereby adopted and approved.
On motion the vote by which the Council Awarded
the Lighting of the City Streets is reconsidered.
On motion the Contract for lighting the City be
awarded to the Seattle Electric Light Co the
size of the Lights to be determined by the
Committee on Street Lights.
On motion it is ordered that the Business Houses
of the City be requested to close their doors
and remain closed until after the funeral ser-
vices of the late Mrs Henry L Yesler are held.

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