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Oct 21 1887
D K Baxter by his attorney, notified the City not
to deposit any earth on Lots 7 & 8 Maynard's plat
Referred to City Attorney
Ordered that the Council do now adjourn.
Approved Thomas T Minor Mayor
Attest clerk.
Oct 24 1887
Be it remembered that on this 24st day of October 1887
the Council met persuant to call- Present,His Honor
the Mayor T T Minor and Councilmen Furth, Green, Lake,
Moran, Niesz, Russell & Reitze and Deputy Clerk
C W Ferris.
The Mayor states taht the object of the meeting is
to see if the Council deems it advisable to
take and steps in regard to the caving or slid-
ing of property alone the Mill St grade.
The City Attorney being called upon gave it as his
opinion that the Ciyt would not be liable for the
caving or sliding of property along said grade.
On motion fo Councilman Furth Mr James Parke is
granted privilegeof piling in the street for the pro-
tection of this property along Mill Street. Said piles to
be driven under the supervisionofthe Street committee.
the Committee instructed to take such slips as may
be necessary to turn water away from the lot.
Councilman Furth moves that the City Attorney be
instructed to bring suit against Stetson and
Post Mill Co
for non-fulfillment of contract.

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