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Nov 4 1887
Moran Bros 1131 Fire 20.26 Repg Hydrants
Spring Hill Water Co 57 Water 330.50 Water month of Oct
Mill St improvements
Wm Tierney 1484 Ord 847 1293.75 Estimate Contract Work Mill St
Albro Gardner 1485 Ord 847 45.14 Engineering Mill St
Madison St
Wm Tierney 1486 Ord 839 2317.00 Estimate Madison St
Albro Gardner 1487 Ord 839 55.37 Engineering Madison St
7th St
Wilson & Godfrey 1488 Ord 848 2434.46 Estimate Seventh St
Albro Gardner 1489 Ord 848 47.90 Engineering Seventh St
7th St
W E Wilson 1490 Ord 829 343.13 Estimate Seventh St
Albro Gardner 1491 Ord 829 21.01 Engineering Seventh St
4th St
Albro Gardner 1492 Ord 836 66.50 Estimate 4th St
West St
Albro Gardner 1493 Ord 843 72.50 Engineering West St
On motion of Councilman Furth ordered that the City
surveyor at once prepare plans for cribbing to
protect the property of D K Baxter and A H King on
Mill Street and that the clerk at once advertise for
bids for doing such work said bill to be filed
with the clerk on or before Tuesday evening next &
that when the council adjourn it adjourn until Tuesday evening next.
Justice N Soderberg appears before the Council and
asks that some action be taken in regard to dis-
crimination against him by the Chief of Police and
Police officers in refusing to tske criminsl cases to
his court and also charging that the Chief of Police
is in league with the gamblers and permitting
gambling games to run i the City. On motion
of Councilman Furth the matter is referred to the
Committee on Health & Police and the Judiciary Committee.
On motion of Councilman Lake ordered that here
after when parties are given permission to take
up sidewalks or street planking in order to make improvements

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