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Nov 8 1887
Ordered that the supplemental Plat of Block
27 to Bell and Denny's First Additition to the City
of Seattle
be approved.
Ordinances The Clerk Submits anOrdinance entitled "A Special
Ordinance appropriating Money to pay audited Bills 880
which is passed by the Following vote: Ayes Furth 879
Frink, Lake, Moran, Niesz, Russell & Reitze Nays none.
Ordered that theCouncil do now adjourn
Approved Thomas T Minor mayor
Attest W R Forrest clerk
Nov 15 1887
Seattle W T November 15th 1887
Council met pursuant to call of Mayor
Present Mayor Minor and Councilmen Furth, Green
Lake, Moran, Niesz, Russell & Reitze, and W R Forrest Clerk.
The following proceedings are had To Wit:-
At the request of the Mayor the City Attorney
states that the meeting is called to consider the
claim of the contractor grading Mill Street for an
increase of the contract rate for grading said
street owing to the sliding of earth on the North
side of said Street.-
C H Hanford esq. appears on behalf of the contractor and
states that owing to the nature of the ground
it cannot be removed at the contract rate. Also
asks for an extension of the time for grading said
On motion of Councilman Furth the application of
the contractor on Mill Street for an increased rate for
removing the Earth from said Street is denied, and
the matter of extending the time for grading the
street is continued untilthe next regular meeting.

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