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Nov 18 1887
provided the same is constructed according to
the provisions of Ordinance No 833. Adopted
From Same Committee granting petition of
Ida J McGinnis for permissionto repair certain
wooden building provided such repairs are
made in accordance with the provisions of
Ordinance No 833. Adopted.
Licenses Ordered Issued.
Thomas R Hughes retail liquor 6 months
Mason & Cort retail liquor 6 months
Andrew Lunn retail liquor 6 months
John H Norens retail liquor 6 months
Anderson & Cresno retail malt 6 months
The vote upon issuing said licenses is as
follows: Ayes Green, Lake, Moran, Niesz,
Russell & Reitze. Nays none.
Licenses Referred
Geo C Munroe & Co, & Frank W Clancy
Plats Approved
Ordered that the Plat of Madison Street
Addition to the City of Seattle
Plat of Hall's Addition to the City of Seattle
Be approved.
Fourth Street Tax Levy
Ordered that a tax of two hundred twenty
six (226) mills on each and every dollar of
the assessed valuation of all the property
included within the assessment district cre-
ated by Ordinance No 836, be and the same hereby
is levied on said property for the purpose of paying
for the improvement of Fourth Street from
Union Street to Bell Street in the City of Seattle

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