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Application for Licenses Referred
Chas F O'Hara, A F Hill, E Champeux, Melhorn
and Probst
, Jas P Teigh, E C Slorah, A Slorah
Maragret O'Shea, M McDonald, Vitus Schmidt
The A P Hoteling Co, Charles Ross, Gumbert & Clinch
Wm F Allen, Wm Gross and Son, John McCary
Frank P Herman, Wm McMasters, Joe Francisco
Lavendar Huey and Moon, Julius Wegert
Henry Robbins, T J Armstrong, M & K Gottstein
Jacob Bersch, E C Huntley, J W Smith, Geo Delfel
Wm Waugh, John Preacher, O P Dahlquist
Jno M Blanchard, Campbell and Co, Harry Haggenmaker
Wm Garrett, Fred Scholpp, J H Foster, Shaw & Alger
Davidson & Grubb, Nathan McNutt, Feigh & Miller
E C Power and Co
Bills Allowed
The Following claims against the City have been duly
audited and allowed and ordered paid by warrant
drawn on the several funds as follows, To Wit:
Name No Fund Amount Remarks
W R Forrest 2618 City 125.00 Salary as Clerk
S W Ferris 2619 City 15.00 Salary as Dep
L C Gilman 2620 City 100.00 Salary as City Atty
E A Turner 2621 City 100.00 Salary as City Treas
Laurence Cummings 2622 City 98.00 Salary as St Com'sr
H F Jones 2623 City 40.60 Justice Fees
Seattle Transfer Co 2624 City 2.50 Hauling Wounded Man
Sunset Tel. Co 2625 City 6.00 Use of Telephone
M A Kelly 2626 City 2.50 Medicine of Jail
J W Jones 2627 City 6.00 Rubber Stamp
E C McClanahan 2628 City 17.50 Damages to horse
Harrington & Smith 2629 City 14.35 Supplies for Jail
W H Hughes Prtg Co 2630 City 5.50 Printing
G W Bruce 2631 City 4.20 Witness Fees
[total] ?

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