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Dec 13 1887
Also, "An ordinance to provide for the assessment and
collecting of harbor dues from vessels and water craft
arriving at and departing from the City of Seattle and
fixing the amount of such harbor dues."
Read and referred to same committee.
Ordered that the Council do adjourn until tomorrow
morning, Saturday the 17th, at seven (7) oclock.
Attest Clerk
Approved Acting Mayor
Dec 17 1887
Be it remembered that on this 17th day of December AD
1887 the Common Council of the City of Seattle met per-
suant to adjournment. Present Acting Mayor Furth
Councilmen Lake, Moran, Niesz, Russell and Reitze and
W R Forrest, clerk.
Petition of Thomas Burke for permission to move two
buildings from Lot 7 in Blk 9 corner of Second and Marion
across Second street to lot 4 Blk 10. Granted.
The committee which was appointed to examine and
report upon the Mill street Crib report as follows.
"That we have examined the said work and plans
and specifications and the contract and find that the
walls have not the amount of batter (Namely 1 1/2" at the foot)
as called for by the specifications, which we think a
very great defect in the work and would recommend
that a one and one quarter (1 1/4) inch iron bolt be put
in said bulk heads extending entirely across the street secured
by nuts on both ends said rods to be placed every
20 ft apart the work to be done under the direction
of the street committee and to their satisfaction.
Both to pass through bulk head and 12" by 12" perpen-

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