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[?] 30 1888
the illness of D. T. Denny esq. one of said appraisers: It
is ordered that M. R. Galloway having hereafter been
appointed to act on behalf of the owners of property con-
demned is reappointed to act in their behalf; and
L. B. Andrews having been hereafter appointed to act
on behalf of the owner of property benefited is re-
appointed to act in their behalf: whereupon the
acting Mayor appoints Geo Kinnear to act as such
appraiser on behalf of the city.
The Chairman of the Fire & Water Committee submits plans
for a new style of hydrant. On motion the same are
referred back to the Committee with instructions to
compare the same with other plans and submit estimate
of cost.
Ordered that F. Hochbrunn be granted one week further
time to blast stumps from Block "Q" Denny's 6th Addition.
Ordered that the Street Commissioner be instructed to
work all prisoners in the city jail in the street chain gang;
The ironing of said prisoners to be left to the dis-
cretion of the Street Commissioner.
Ordered that the Plat of Rengstorf's Addition to the
City of Seattle
be approved.
The City Atty. submits a report approving deed given
by H L Yesler dedicating a portion of Mill Street.
Ordered that Councilmen Russell City Clerk Forrest be
appointed a special committee to confer with H. L.
Esq in regard to straightening South Eleventh Street.
An ordinance

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