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Feb 17 1888
Petition of E. L. Ferry for permission to remove
a small building used as a warehouse freeing the
alley on Lot 3 Block 1 Maynards Plat across the
alley on lot 6 of the same Block read & granted.
Statement and appreciation of Julia A Fenton for
damages for injured alleged to have been caused by a fall occasioned
by depletive sidewalk. Referred to the City Atty. &
Judiciary Committee.
Communication from Street Commissioner Cummings
calling the attention of the Council to the condition of
Jackson Street bridge and the planking in the alley
west of Front Street and making certain recommen-
dations, read and referred to the Street Committee.
Petition of Mrs R. B Thorndyke for remission of cer-
tain taxes read & referred to the Judiciary Committee
with power to act.
Petition of Thomas Burke for a sewer in Second
Street between Marion and Madison Streets read &
referred to the Committee on Sewer and Drainage.
Petition of Seattle Coal and Transportation Co. for
correction of assessment read and referred to Judiciary
Committee with power to act.
Petition of W. T. Holden & others for grading and building
sidewalks on both sides of Fifth (5th) Street from Depot
to Union Streets read and referred to Street Com-
mittee and afterwards returned by the said Committee
with a report recommending that the petition be
granted. Report adopted and the City Surveyor directed to
submit plans and specifications for each improvement.

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