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Feb 17 1888
Oedered that Jacob Cowan be permitted to use blasting
powder in clearing ground at the north end of the
city for a period of two weeks.
The City Surveyor submits his estimste of the cost of
extending the Grant Street Plank Road to a connection with
Sixth Street, on motion of Councilman Reitze it is
ordered that the City Surveyor submit plans and speci-
fications for such improvement.
Applications of Licenses referred
Bernard Kurz
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the City having
been duly audited and allowed by the Council are
ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several funds
as follows, viz:
Name # Fund Amount Remarks
N Gailarnan 2799 City 69.00 Nurse at Pest House
Jas McDonald 2800 City 130.00 Nurse at Pest House
W C Dyke 2801 City 150.00 Nurse at Pest House
J S M Smart 2802 City 625.00 Physician at Pest House
Geo Goodbrand 2803 City 10.00 Nurse at Pest House
Wills & Rauenzahn 2804 City 6.38 Meat for Pest House
Chester Cleary 2805 City 31.50 Blankets etc Pest House
Klein & Rosenberg 2806 City 73.15 Clothing etc Pest House
M A Kelly 2807 City 109.00 Medicines Pest House
Homer A Sears 2808 City 70.00 Hack Hire Smart
Toklas & Singerman 2809 City 71.50 Clothing etc Pest House
H Herschberg 2810 City 35.50 Clothing etc Pest House
Hardy & Hall 2811 City 7.00 Dog tags
Geo A White 2812 City 100.00 Boat for Harbor Master
Corfee & Hummell 1200 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose
Wm Woodall 1201 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
John Kelly 1202 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Beattie & Hall 1203 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose

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