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an ordinance is submitted by the Clerk
entitled as Special Ordinance appropriating
money to pay audited bills which is passed
by the following vote: ayes Furth Frink
Green Lake Moran Niesz & Reitze Noes none.
Mar 7 1888
said hydrants to be delivered as follows: Twenty (20)
on or before April 15th 1888 and twenty on or before
May 15th 1888.
Ordered that the City Surveyor ascertain and give
the necessary fall for the Blanchard Street Sewer
to connect with the Denny School house.
Ordered that the Committee on Fire & Water be authorized
to employ some one to put the fire alarm system
in order.
appropriation 907
Ordered that the Council do now adjourn.
Mar 7 1888
Attest W R Forrest Clerk
Approved Thomas T. Minor Mayor
MAR 16 1888
Be it remembered that on this 16th day of March 1888
the Common Council of the City of Seattle met, persuant
to law. The following officers are present, to wit:
Mayor Minor and Councilmen Furth. Frink. Green, Moran
Niesz & Russell. Clerk W. R. Forrest.
Petitions etc.
Petition of Geo Kinnear for permission to move a small house on
Lot 3 Blk 10 Maynards plat from the street back to the
alley and erect on said lot a business block 60 x 60 feet in
size one story high. The same to be a wooden building.
Read & referred to Com. on Fire and Water.
Petition of S. N Sorenson for permission to move building
from Lot 7 Block 14 Borens Plat, to Block 5 Sorenson's
addition Lake Union
, read & referred to Street Com.
Petition of Alfred Snyder for extension of Box drain in
James east to the alley between 11th & 12th Streets,
read and referred to Com. for Sewers.

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