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Apr 6 1888
wooden building corner Jackson and South Third
read and tabled.
Petition of Leander Miller for correction of Assessment
of Joel Miller read and referred to the Judiciary Committee.
Petition of P Wickstrom and others for grading Eighth St.
from Union Street to Mill Street read & referred to Street Com.
Petition of W.N. White for permission to use powder in
clearing and grubbing Fifth Street, read and granted provided
the consent of all persons living within one hundred and
twenty feet of where such blasting is to be done is first
obtained and the contractor held responsible for all damages
occasioned by such blasting.
Communication from Dexter Horton & Co presenting claim for
payment of certain street improvement warrants, read
and referred to the City Attorney.
Petition of John Krummer for permission to peddle a
patented article without first obtaining a license, read
and referred to Committe on License and Revenue.
Communication of Charles F Reed offering to fill in
South Second and Washington Streets read and referred
to the Street Committee with power to act.
Communication from John Christ in regard to piling in
front of and filling in his lot on Mill Street read and
referred to the Street Committee.
Petition of Seattle Law Company for permission to put a
sign post in front of Union Block at the outer edge of
the sidewalk read and granted.

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